Viva Pardo neon Clay
Something special for creative professionals: Your own jewelry and accessory creation! Pardo jewellery clay by Viva decor is a supple, available in great colors Schmuckmasse. It is one of the most popular polymer clay modelling pastes. Pardo jewellery clay contains real bee wax, premium quality pigments and is saliva - and sweat-resistant. Thus, this Schmuckmasse offers many possibilities to create beautiful jewelry and accessories. For the lighter and smoother filling notches are located on the back of the Jewellery clay blocks. Thus the greatest results can be easily achieved! So you can achieve such an exciting marble effect: Create modelling pastes of different colors together two or more rods Pardo jewellery clay and forms it to a role. This role is being rolled out to a long thin pole, then she will be formed into a ball. The more often you repeat this step, the effect of marbling is the finer. Just as you can mix new colours. Pardo jewellery clay hardened in the oven approximately 30 minutes (depending on the size of the object) at 120 ° C and can then sanded, polished and pierced. contains real beeswax Pigments in premium quality saliva and sweat-resistant Hardening in the oven at 120 ° C approx. 30 minutes washable easily up to 40 ° C
103756 931
Viva Pardo neon Clay Luminecent
56g KD 1.250
103757 932
Viva Pardo neon Clay Neon Green
56g KD 1.250
103758 933
Viva Pardo neon Clay Neon Orange
56g KD 1.250
103759 934
Viva Pardo neon Clay Neon Yellow
56g KD 1.250
103760 935
Viva Pardo neon Clay Neon Pink
56g KD 1.250