Viva Pardo mica Clay
Viva Decor's Pardo Jewellery Clay is a high-quality, oven-hardening modeling compound for creating jewellery and accessories. With Pardo you can easily shape and create your own unique beautiful pieces of jewellery. Once baked, pieces can be sanded, polished or drilled. Viva Decor Pardo Jewellery Clay contains beeswax and premium pigments. It‘s saliva and sweat resistant. Pardo Mica Clay is suitable for the Mica Shift technique Create marbled effect finishes by mixing the Pardo colours. Add textures to the pre-baked clay or paint effects to the baked pieces with the many different Viva Decor clear stamps and crafting paints. 56g slab. Conforms to ASTM D-4236 DO NOT USE IN A MICROWAVE OVEN
103775 901
Viva Prado Mica Clay Silber
56g KD 1.250
103776 903
Viva Prado Mica Clay Kupper
56g KD 1.250
103777 904
Viva Prado Mica Clay Gold
56g KD 1.250
103778 905
Viva Prado Mica Clay Platin
56g KD 1.250
103779 907
Viva Prado Mica Clay Bronze
56g KD 1.250