Pan Pastel Individual Mediums
Mediums are additives that alter how colors work, extending the techniques and finished effects that are possible. The PanPastel Colorless Blender is a medium that can be used for a variety of new effects including increasing transparency and enhancing color “flow”. And PanPastel Pearlescent mediums add a lustrous pearlescent shimmer which changes depending on the angle it is viewed from, also creating dimension. They are mica based. The Pearlescent mediums can be mixed with PanPastel Colors for custom pearlescent colors or used on their own for mixed media. BR> Mediums have all the characteristics of PanPastel Colors, they are mixable, erasable, low dust, lightfast and professional artist’s quality.
104083 013
Pan pastel-Black fine
KD 2.500
104084 014
Pan pastel-Black coarse
KD 2.500
104085 010
Pan pastel- Colorless Blender
KD 2.500
104086 011
Pan pastel- White fine
KD 2.500
104087 012
Pan pastel- White coarse
KD 2.500