Sculpture Block (Canvas)
Extremely light and strong sculpture material for long-lasting results.Available in 3 different series with the basic sizes 15 cm, 30 cm height. Is easy to shape, user-friendly and much faster to use than any other sculpture product. You can create highly refined and detailed sculptures. The material is ready to use and requires no preliminary or follow-up treatment. It is very cost-effectieve compared to wood or stone. Can be shaped with a saw, a round chisel, a rasp or sandpaper. Can be used for any design of shape. Can be glued with any type of glue. Epoxy glue works the best. Can be painted with any type of paint. Can be decorated with any type of material. Can be coated with plaster, cement, polyester and epoxy. Suitable for young and old, experienced and inexperienced.
SCI 182503
Sculpture Block (Canvas) SCI 182503
24x18x3cm KD 4.950
SC 303003
Sculpture Block (Canvas) SC 303003
30x30x3cm KD 6.950
SC 304003
Sculpture Block (Canvas) SC 304003
30x40x3cm KD 9.950
SC 405003
Sculpture Block (Canvas) SC 405003
40x50x3cm KD 14.950
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