To Do Fluer Chalkboard Paint
Fleur collection includes different special products, which allow to reach wonderful artistic and decorative effects. Traditional as well as glitter finish are offered in order to customize and embellish any kind of object or creation. The glitter powder is extrafine and could be mixed with the varnish or also with the paint to achieve sparkling and galmorous effects, many different and trendy colours are available. Moldingpastes and the chalckboard paints, with which you can turn any surface in a blackboard and write on it with chalks, complete the collection.
To-Do Fleur Blackboard
130ml KD 2.950
To-Do Fleur Indian Elephant
130ml KD 2.950
To-Do Fleur Bamboo
130ml KD 2.950
To-Do Fleur Smoky
130ml KD 2.950
To-Do Fleur Crazy Horse
130ml KD 2.950
To-Do Fleur Copenhagen Blue
130ml KD 2.950
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