Maimeri Watercolor Sets
Venezia: a range of 36 colours which are all maximum lightfast and can all be intermixed together. In coming up with the new palette and choosing pigments, Maimeri removed all cadmium and cobalt based colours and reduced chrome content to a minimum in order to eliminate toxins andheavy metals, offering a final answer to the problem of environmental impact, both in the usage and in the production of this product. Research continues all over the world, and the relationship between paint and the environment continues to improve, on the basis of a new awareness that Maimeri has made more than a goal, but an ongoing commitment. In Venezia watercolours pigment concentrations are determined in each individual colour in order to obtain a highly harmonious palette of soft shades reminiscentof the colours of the city they are named after.
Maimeri Moulded Metal Box Watercolour 12 Pcs (Out of Stock)
1.5ml KD 20.350
Maimeri Moulded Metal Box Watercolour 24 Pcs (Out of Stock)
1.5ml KD 29.950
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