Maimeri Fine Gouache
A new range of extrafine gouache colours makes the most of the potential of gouaches to preserve the original properties and qualities of this ancient method of applying colour. Completely water-soluble pastes now offer total coverage in combination with brilliance in all shades. Gouache colours are perfect for use on all bases: prepared cardboardand canvases, porous surfaces and paper. Their top quality binder and high pigment concentration make these paints perfect for air-brushing and for all types of graphics work, after appropriate dilution. The colours in the palette have been chosen with a new use in painting in mind: a complete set of bright, lively colours permitting even the most demanding painters to obtain all the shades they require. Two whites and two blacks, ten reds, eight blues, nine greens and four metallic colours: a glance at the colour chart will give you an idea of the thought that went into selection of the colour palette. All this to maintain the prestige and quality of a unique product. Not watercolours, not acrylic colours: those who paint with Maimeri gouache colours are well acquainted with the spirit of gouache painting.
Maimeri Extra Fine Gouache Set of 12x20ml
12x20ml KD 18.450
Maimeri Fine Gouache Primary Color Set
20ml KD 9.950