Daler Rowney Simply Canvas

From 0.750 KWD

Simply Canvas
Daler-Rowney Simply Canvases feature a medium grain textured 250gsm acid-free stretched canvas, triple primed and ready for use which is available in a comprehensive range of shapes and sizes.

100% cotton.
250gsm canvas.
Medium grain.
Triple primed.
Will not yellow with age.
Versatile: suitable for mixed media, collage, impasto and heavy textures.

Size Reference Price Stock
100x100 cm P-02682 13.950 KWD 13.950 KWD In Stock
20x20 cm P-02670 2.950 KWD 2.950 KWD Out of Stock
30x30 cm P-02553 3.950 KWD 3.950 KWD Out of Stock
30x40 cm P-02669 4.750 KWD 4.750 KWD Out of Stock
40x40 cm P-02684 3.950 KWD 3.950 KWD In Stock
40x50 cm P-02689 4.250 KWD 4.250 KWD Out of Stock
40x60 cm P-02688 4.750 KWD 4.750 KWD In Stock
10x10 cm P-02693 0.750 KWD 0.750 KWD In Stock
50x50 cm P-02683 4.950 KWD 4.950 KWD In Stock
50x60 cm P-02672 8.650 KWD 8.650 KWD In Stock
50x70 cm P-02687 6.950 KWD 6.950 KWD In Stock
50x100 cm P-02686 9.650 KWD 9.650 KWD In Stock
60x60 cm P-02671 9.950 KWD 9.950 KWD In Stock
80x100 cm P-02685 11.950 KWD 11.950 KWD Out of Stock
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